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Beldos N.V. was founded in 2001 in Belgium by Mr Rudy Van der Linden, born in Belgium.

Mr Van der Linden is a highly innovative designer and an engineer - his experience in bakery business, understanding of the baker’s needs and perfect technical knowledge make it possible to produce unique machines.

In 1978 Mr Van der Linden started his own bakery “Van der Linden”. In 1995 he wanted to combine his confectioner’s knowledge with his know-how in electromechanics which resulted in establishment of Filler Systems Europe Company in 1996.

From 1996 till 2000 Mr Van der Linden imported depositors and sold them to companies all over Europe.

He started his own design and production of depositors in 2001. Now Beldos N.V. is an international company with a dealer network all over the world.

Now Beldos N.V. designs and manufactures semi- and fully automatic systems for food industry (artisan, semi- and industrial bakeries, kitchens, catering, food service, etc.).

Beldos N.V. designs and manufactures the equipment for:

  • single depositing or multi depositing on conveyor (sponge batter, muffins, fruit fillings, creams, mousses, sauces and other products, with or without particles as nuts, raisins, pieces of fruit, etc. diam. up to 2,5 cm);
  • injection of éclairs, profiteroles, donuts, etc.;
  • single/multi layering (tiramisu, mousse desserts, etc.),
  • transfer of products from the mixing bowl to the hopper of a depositor;
  • cake production (including affordable solutions for artisanal bakeries and full lines for industrial bakeries);
  • horizontal slicing of sponge;
  • syrup spraying;
  • cake icing;
  • decoration of cakes (borders, rosettes, stars, etc.);
  • and many other applications

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