• Can I test my product on the Beldos machines?

  • Customers are welcome for a free-of-charge demonstration with their ingredients/finished products to our test kitchen. The ingredients/finished products can be sent for test by post (at least 4-5 l) and you’ll receive a movie with the test results.

  • Are small particles in the product permitted? (mushrooms, fruit, vegetables, pieces of meat, etc.)

  • Yes, the particles can be up to 2,5 cm³.

  • Can I use the Beldos machine with hot and cold products?

  • Our machines can stand the temperature from -8° till +120°C.

  • What compressor is necessary for machines?

  • The compressor should be capable of 4 C.F.M. @ 100 P.S.I. 3 HP is the ideal size, as it will last many years longer. An air drying system is recommended for longer service life of pneumatic components.

  • What air pressure is necessary for operating the machine?

  • 7 Bar / 102 PSI is necessary for the optimum performance of the machine.

  • How often is it necessary to change the O-rings?

  • Beldos recommends strongly that you replace all O-rings on regular, scheduled intervals (usually about once a week for any O-rings that move on wear surfaces). O-rings are some of the least expensive parts, but they are the most important parts to be replaced regularly!

  • What type of lubricant is necessary?

  • Beldos supplies a special food approved lubricant (non-toxic, odorless, tasteless).


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